Monday, February 24, 2014

Gynecologist Visit With Wife and Steffi

Steffi had been bugging my wife since yesterday night, to let her tag along for the gynecologist visit and exclaiming how much she would like to see her baby brother.  As she does not have any important lessons today, my wife relented.  While on our way we came across a cute smiley face on the footpath just before the turn into the medical centre.  It must have been drawn by a happy parent while the cement was still wet.

Steffi was rather fascinated by the moving image of her little brother on the machine and the doctor and nurse were patient with her and accommodated her questions etc.  We were told that our little brother here has a bigger than average head, which was also the case for my 3 older kids as well.  I think we all can’t wait to welcome little baby “L” to our family!  

Can you make out the scan of baby “L” below? He was actually clutching his hands together and it seems as though he is praying. 

This visit cost me over one grand again but this time round my wife gave me advance notice (while on the bus) and even took pity on me, treating me to a Japanese lunch after the visit.  She did her sums well though, as I am still on a diet.  

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