Sunday, July 6, 2014

This is NOT a Product Review

This is not a product review.  I never used it.
This photo is not about a product review or giveaway.  Heck, I never even got to use the product in the first place.  I bought this maybe about 10-11 years ago and just happened to see it lying around today and I recalled why I bought it...

Back then, I was house-proud and had wanted to use it to hide the "imperfections" in my wooden dining chairs.  There were scratches on them but somehow I couldn't remember why I never got down to doing it!

The slight off-color painting on the wall, the minor scratches on the dining chairs and every other little material imperfection in my "new" house irked me.  No matter how small the flaw, I tend to focus on it rather everything else that were okay.  It made me miserable.

Fatherhood changed everything.  It changed all my priorities.  So what if there are drawings on the walls, furniture broken by the kids and general untidiness everywhere else in the house?  For me, as long as the kids are happy and healthy, I am happy.  Their laughter in the house overshadows whatever imperfections there may be, for nothing in this world is perfect.  

The family made the house, a home.

p.s  I am not going need the product anymore, I can pass it to you if you want it but I cannot guaranteed if it's still usable after a decade.

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