Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment Update At 6th Week [Sponsored Review]

It has already been one and a half month since I had started my hair treatment at Yun Nam Hair Care. The first five sessions that I went through focused on solving my oily and itchy scalp problem and Dandruff Emulsion was used during my weekly treatment at the outlet to dissolve the any sebum buildup. Without the hair follicle blockage, my scalp also became healthier.

My Yun Nam Hair Care range of products 
Besides going to the outlet, my DIY home treatment with the daily use of the full range of shampoo, conditioner and tonic that was given to me was also pretty straightforward and easy. First, I work up a rich lather with the Ginseng shampoo, followed by a few sprays of Hair Renewal Tonic into the bubbles and then I work all that into my scalp with a massage that I learnt from my friendly consultant, Carol!

And once I am done, I wash everything off, apply the Jasmine Herbal Conditioner, leave that in for a few minutes and then wash off. The condition masks the smell of the ginseng shampoo a little, but not that it bothers me though. Anyway I think I already got used to the smell of ginseng by now.

I am honest, the "after"image is after a haircut.  Thus it may not reflect the improvement accurately.  But my scalp is confirmed less greasy.

There is definitely a noticeable reduction in my hair loss as I am seeing much fewer strands of dropped hair when shampooing. Besides this, when I run my fingers through my dry hair, my scalp and hair doesn’t feel as greasy now compared to before. Having only gone through 6 weeks’ worth of treatment, I would consider that fairly good improvement already.

The bottle on the left is the Dandruff Emulsion used on me earlier while the one on the right is the Herbalogy Formula 3 for my next few treatments.
Carol did another round of hair analysis on my fifth visit and recommended a change in my treatment since the scalp oiliness is now kept under control. She started using Herbalogy Formula 3 from my 6th treatment onwards. Preparation of this new formula included adding herbal lotion to another packet of specially formulated herbal powder and mixing them together to form a paste. 

This is how my new "Herbal paste" looks like before application onto my scalp.  This gives me a tingling cold sensation too!
This new formula is for the promoting and maintenance of healthy hair growth, as well as reversing the effects of greying hair. I have only undergone two rounds of the new treatment and can’t wait to see what effects it would have on my hair growth. 

My experience at Yun Nam Hair Care @ Jubilee Square has been really wonderful so far. The service provided is top-notch, and even the staff at the reception remembered and addressed me by name. They would even ask about Steffi and Leroy whenever I went alone. This level of service level is not only accorded to me, but extended to all their customers as well. 

As with most conditions, the earlier it is diagnosed the better it is. If you suspect yourself to be suffering from any undesirable hair conditions such as dandruff or oily scalp, take heart. Yun Nam Hair Care offers a FREE Consultation, Scalp Analysis and Hair & Scalp Treatment for first time customers at any of the following 9 conveniently located outlets – 

  • Century Square 
  • City Square Mall 
  • Heartland Mall 
  • Jubilee Square 
  • Jurong Point 
  • Lot One Shoppers’ Mall 
  • Plaza Singapura 
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza 
  • Woodlands Civic Centre 

I am already looking forward to having back the same thick dark hair that I used to have. Will update you after completion of my treatments in a later blog post!

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