Friday, September 12, 2014

Pep Bou's Wonderful World Of Bubbles [Media Invite]

Sorry I am "mountain tortoise", but this is my first time at Jubilee hall. 
Upon the kiddo’s request, the family watched Pep Bou’s Bubble Magic Show yesterday and it was worth my half day’s leave!  The kids truly enjoyed the 70 minutes of slapstick comedy cum bubble performance.  And whatever makes my kids happy, makes me really happy too.
Look at how happy Leroy and Stacci were!
The clever use of lights and smoke for special effect gave the "wow" factor.  The only thing missing from the show would probably be the giant bubble that encapsulates a whole person, or big acts of that sort that  one might expect.  Nevertheless ALL the kids seemed to be captivated by the two “weird uncles” and had their eyeballs fixed on the action onstage.
The kids laughed at anything the two comedians did, even if it's just bursting of bubbles.
Clever use of lighting.
Smoking bubbles!
Bubbles galore, to the delight of the kids again!
And yes, the fishbowl act!
Thus I am confident that kids would enjoy the show but it will only be available till this Sun, 14 Sep 2014!  So if you want to make your little ones happy just like mine, hurry over to SISTIC to get your tickets now!  

Don't miss your chance to catch the show without needing to travel to Spain!
Thank you Lunchbox Theatrical Productions for having our family at the show!

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