Thursday, January 22, 2015

Joe Labero - A Night of Magic at Raffles

[Review & Giveaway]

Steffi and Leroy getting chummy with Joe after watching his absolutely amazing performance!
Although I know a few big names such as David Copperfield and Criss Angel etc, I had never watched a REAL magic show up close, live and in person. And of course, you know one can never fully trust what you see on TV. Everything can and will be edited, hence magic on TV never really gave me the "wow" factor and even my young kiddos would "dissect" each section of the tricks. Steffi even went as far as explaining to me once, on how the actor's body was actually hidden when the mechanic saw ran through his mid-section. Fake one lah, she would say!

We had the opportunity to the watch the four-time Merlin Award winner, Swedish magician, Joe Labero in action (just learnt that Joe Labero is a stage name derived from his birthname: Lars Bengt Roland Johansson), as he is back in town with his latest show "A Night of Magic at Raffles" for 2015, which also features fire-play with guest performers from the Burnt out Punks. We were really glad we caught the live action but I shall not give away too much on the performances though. Although the magic tricks may not be extravagant, or may be variations of tricks that one might have watched before and not exactly "new", his showmanship was great and the crowd were absolutely thrilled!

The Animal from the Burnt Out Punks is comical and full of nifty moves!
There were many occasions when Joe involved the crowd, often to hilarious effects and the use of items sourced from the random audiences as part of his many tricks also made his magic so much more believable! Seated between two kids aged 5 and 6 was a bad idea, for I had to answer so many "why's" and "how's" from them, to which I totally have no answers!!! I am pretty sure you will keep trying to figure out how the tricks were done! Do note however that there will be no admittance to under 5's as there would be pyrotechnics used. Anyway I think the younger ones wouldn't really be able to grasp the concepts of the "magic" too and even I had to explain quite a fair bit to Leroy on why the crowd clapped at times.

The whole family was thrilled to say the least and how can a photo with Joe be missed?
The show will run from 16 Jan to 22 Feb 2015 and it might just be the right performance to catch with the family during the Chinese New Year period. It was wonderful for our family to be hosted by Krall Entertainment for the awesome evening yesterday, and we are so happy to share this with 3 other lucky families! We have 3 sets of 4 tickets worth a total of $500 per set to giveaway!!! All you have to do is to follow the steps listed below before 2359hrs on Sun, 01 Feb 2015. Good luck!

Useful Information
Event Name: A Night of Magic at Raffles
Date: 16 January to 22 February 2015
Venue: Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel
Time: Weekdays – 7.30pm, Saturdays – 3.00pm, 7.30pm and Sundays – 3.00pm
Price: From $50 standard to $230 VIP reserve with Meet and Greet (Hop over to Sistic website for booking and more information)