Sunday, April 12, 2015

Puss In Boots' Giant Journey

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Can't wait to get to try out the new ride!
Can see that we were definitely not the only ones! Look at the crowd!
The kiddos always asks to be taken to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) whenever they come across ANYTHING, ANYTHING that either shows the rides or the various characters! They know that this is the place where they can spend the whole day playing, and even forgetting about meals in the process. So we did just that when we were all invited to the launch of the latest ride at USS, the world’s first “Puss In Boots” suspended roller coaster on Wed, 08 Apr 2015. 

We got to watch the play before the actual play (ride)!
And we NEED a photo with the mascot too of course!
A nice photo with all the baddies, courtesy of our friend at Sengkang Babies!
I shall be straightforward that you will be terribly disappointed if you are one adrenaline junkie, like me. But you see, this ride is meant for the entire family, not just for “me”, and I was constantly reminded by my kiddos that they truly enjoyed the rides as they kept asking for “just" another go right after they finished it! They could hardly contain their excitement when getting onto the flying machines of Humpty Alexander Dumpty. 

This is how the queue area looks like.
Leroy just barely passed 100cm to be able to take the ride!
I do not know what Stacci was happy able, perhaps because she didn't know that she can't take the ride yet!
I will just briefly describe the ride to you. You will first be taken up to a spiral track up to a very high height by the fizz from a champagne bottle. Once up there, I was expected a steep drop but it never happened. You will however be taken through the many scenes that depicts Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws going in search of the precious golden eggs in a bid to save San Ricardo’s Orphanage but facing the wrath of the Giant Terror. Although it is not your usual terrifying roller coaster rides, the kids got to enjoy the storyline, as well as the G-force at 4 sections of the ride. I definitely heard screams at these sections!

The flying machine that we were all queuing for!
Steffi was actually really really happy but then she realized she had a missing front tooth and thus the "demure" smile.
The faces says it all. And this is already the umpteen times they had taken the ride!
After my first ride and probably seeing my unimpressed face, I was actually asked by a staff on which section of the flying machine I sat in. I was then let in on a secret, that to enjoy more of the thrill of the G-force, one should seat at the last row. I was skeptical, but I tried it nevertheless and I confirm and double-confirmed that you would get more out of the ride on the last row! I know, because I tried all possible seating arrangement already, after going through the ride countless times with each of the kids!  I guess no one goes to USS just simply for one ride, but this new addition would no doubt bring a smile to the little ones!

Poor Stacci couldn't get onto the ride, and had to help look after the golden eggs instead!
Fun Facts and Figures 

* Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey features 12 scenes, telling an original tale.
* The ride last approximately 2 minutes over a track length of about 0.5 km
* The maximum speed of the ride is 36km/h.
* There are a total of 23 animatronics characters in the ride.
* Each Flying Machine can seat 9 guests (3 rows of 3).
* The ride took more than 2 years to design, engineer and produce.
* Guests will experience anti-gravity sensations in 4 zones throughout the ride.
* The minimum height to ride is 100cm, and is 122cm to ride unaccompanied.

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