Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Smurfs "Live" On Stage

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The happy kiddos caught the Smurfs "Live" On Stage
The Smurfs were in town over the last weekend and the kiddos went "lala. lalalala, lalalalala!" when they heard that the were going to catch the little blue peeps on stage! Erm, well they were actually not so little though!
Papa Smurf and the rest welcoming Spring!
Mother Nature getting the audience all warmed up!
The Smurfs were played by puppets in some of the scenes.
Poor Papa Smurf got captured by Gargamel.
The kiddos were saying that they could recognize this character from afar!
The show was about how evil Gargamel tried sabotaging Spring, Smurf's favourite time of the year, by cooking up a storm with Mother Nature's stolen cookbook! Mother Nature's incarnation in this show was a music-loving and rocking grandmother lookalike that got the kiddos all pumped up with her singing performance.
Little Stacci loved the Smurfs and asked why we didn't get the chance to take photo and hug them. Next time perhaps, next time.
It was a pity that the run was only from 12-14 Jun, and many kiddos might have missed it due to holidays abroad or weekend classes etc. My kiddos were thrilled by the performance and the special effects (snow aka foam) and we sure hope that they will be back again in future!

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