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HeART Studio - Steffi Can Really Draw and Paint Now!

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I am thankful that Steffi got to enjoy a term of Little Picasso kids at HeART Studio Singapore recently after she expressed interest following the 3 kiddos' attended one-day holiday classes last Dec. During the holiday classes back then, I already saw with my own eyes how patient the teachers were with all the kids, and was awed that even my youngest Stacci was able complete a wonderful piece of art on her own with the right guidance. Steffi, Leroy and Stacci had so much fun with their canvas painting and all their works of art are still displayed proudly at home.

Steffi on the first day of her class!
The school is located in the private estate, along Charlton Road and just off Upper Serangoon Road.
Steffi's term consisted of 3 projects totaling 10 lessons with each lasting around 1hr and 15mins and her teacher was Teacher Pei. The first project that Steffi embarked on was Majestic Peacocks - the drawing of peacocks. For this project, the students were shown many different images of peacocks and were also given an introduction to the biology of the bird. The students were also shown the different shapes that would make up the anatomy of the bird and it's feathers too. They were also taught how color their drawing with different shades. It took 4 lessons, from the drawing to the final water-coloring.

Steffi with her classmates and Teacher Pei! Small conducive class size.
The kids were shown a slideshow on peacocks at the start of the lesson.
They were also guided on the different shapes that made up the peacock and how to draw one easily.
Steffi was also thought how to present the peacock from various other angles.
Steffi had decided on her favorite pose for her peacock and here's her drawing the outline.
This is how her finished art looked like! So proud of her!
Happy Steffi with her favorite Teacher Pei!
The second project was the drawing of Steffi's dream house and the surrounding. This exercise was about teaching the students the idea of proportion and perspective, as well as practicing the drawing of straight lines freehand to train her motor skills. As she filled the drawing with swimming pool, people, pet dog and what nots, she was also guided by Teacher Pei on the appropriate sizes that the objects should be, relevant to the depth and this drawing exercise took 2 lessons.

Steffi working on her free hand drawing of her dream house.
And here is her finished drawing with her pet cat, dog, her tree house, water slide, dolphin fountain and many more!
The last project was John Dyer-inspired Penguins- the drawing and painting of a colourful fun family day at the zoo watching the penguins. For this, the students were shown video clips on the different types of penguins in the world and then given a free reign as to how they want to incorporate them into the drawings. From the learning on how to draw the penguins and the enclosure, to the coloring of the different objects and the adding of different strokes to show movements took another 4 lessons in total. And the final product by Steffi was an awesome painting that I would show off to anyone, anytime! I would definitely have doubts that it was actually painted by herself if I had not been there to see it myself.

The kids were shown the works of John Dyer and his colorful style as well as the various species of penguins in the world.
Steffi sketched a few different types of penguins. 
To speed things up a little, Steffi used a hairdryer to dry the background colors.
The painting is starting to take shape.
And despite missing 2 lessons, Steffi was still able to complete her penguin drawing in her make-up class.
I am so proud of Steffi and this is her colourful work of art. It is definitely very well-done in my eyes!
We also sent Leroy to another class at our Community Club after he complained that we were being unfair. It was definitely much lighter for our wallets than sending Leroy to the same class, but his art teacher had to supervise 12 others students as opposed to only 4-5 students in Steffi's class. According to my wife who brings him to the class, the teacher hardly had time to guide the kids individually, which is actually understandable given the class size.

Over at HeART Studio, Steffi was being guided closely and was able to get help immediately whenever she needed any. Steffi was constantly given positive reinforcements by Teacher Pei and appeared more confident after the lessons. Not that I am encouraging the missing of lessons indiscriminately, but when Steffi was unable to attend 2 consecutive lessons, she was rescheduled make-up lessons without a fuss by the wonderful Aunty May! Kudos to the great service and awesome experience of all the staff over at HeART Studio! It was totally worth my time making the trip down to the classes every weekend!

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P/S Steffi's art classes were sponsored by the kind folks from HeART Studio Singapore but all opinions and photos are solely mine.  No other monetary compensation was received.

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