Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DC Justice League Run

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The inaugural DC Justice League Run in Singapore took place on Sun, 30 Aug 2015 (thankfully before the arrival of the haze) at the State of Fun, Sentosa. And runners had a choice of which hero they would like to represent. One can choose to be Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. There may be a few garang runners who really dresses up for the other runs that we had been to, but for this super fun run, everyone was dressed up as a hero. There were even a few elaborate cos-playing running Jokers (pun intended) around! The kiddos enjoyed the interactions with the many heroes and villains very much! Leroy even asked one Bane if his mask supplied him with oxygen during the run! 

The run took us through Siloso beach, up the forest, pass the Merlion, pass POLW, Tangong beach and ending back at Palawan beach. Basically all the beaches lah, and because Stacci was complaining quite a fair bit during the race (even though it was her idea that die die she wanted to join us), my wife ended up falling out at near POLW so that Stacci (and Steffi) could rest while I continued the rest of the run with only Leroy beside me. Was really proud that Leroy went the extra mile with me and completed the 5KM run for the first time. Although we took 1hr 24m 23s while the average runner took only 31mins, we were happily picking up rubbish and taking in the sights as well as photos with our leisurely gait,

I would definitely recommend this run to anyone who wishes to have fun, and keep fit at the same time. Kids would be so happy meeting all the superheroes, and it is also one run where adults can let loose and be the hero they have always wanted to be, without feeling out of place! There are thousands of other heroes on the run anyway! We are already looking forward to the second installation! Thank you so much for having us DC Justice League Run!

My own little "Super Kid" at the registration! Look how "into" she was then!
The whole family was ready to chiong ah! 
This is just the beginning of the fun run and we are already walking.
All still cheery except for Stacci who wondered what she had gotten herself into.
The first KM and the two was already asking how many more to go!
The second KM and they are already getting a little tired.
The kiddos with their much needed rest at the water point. The run was well-organized and everything went without a hitch!
At the third KM and only there's only Leroy left with me.
Leroy at the fourth KM point and still psyching himself on. Proud of him!
Well, he got really exhausted!
My joker Leroy with his many funny antics. 
Almost at the finishing line and he wanted a photo with the hardworking staff guiding the runners along.
Finally a nice photo with him at the finishing line, taken by a kind runner!
He had asked for his photo to be taken at the end of the race. See how "onz" he was.
The kiddos got to meet the super heroes and villains after the run!
One of the highlights for Leroy would be getting carried by Superman no less.

The kiddos with their well-deserved medals (for Leroy at least)
Look who photobombed the kiddos' photo with Superman?

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