Sunday, May 29, 2016

City Square Mall - Our Green Tour

[Media Invite]

We've been to City Square many times, mostly for various mall activities for the kiddos. You know, the various meet and greet of cartoon characters etc. I always knew that the mall was being touted as Singapore's only Eco mall, but I never really knew what that meant, till our last visit to the mall a couple of weeks back. 

The merry-go-round is all inclusive and even wheelchair-bound kiddos or adults for that matter, can join in the fun!
These swings are also safe for kiddos and would allow persons with disabilities to sit in safely too.
The first thing that attracted the kiddo was the outdoor Eco playground. At first glance it didn't really look much different from any other playgrounds. However after reading the description on the signage, I now know that much care had been taken to ensure that the materials sourced are all from accredited suppliers who do not add to the problem or illegal logging etc.

The roof allows sunlight to pass through, providing ample lighting to the basement below while the solar panels providing energy for air-cooling, Rainwater is also harvested for non-potable uses.  
Being in the land scarce Singapore, it is refreshing to have malls with such greeneries instead of the usual conversion of every inch of lettable space for retail / commercial usage.
And this Angsana tree is a beneficiary of the green thinking of the mall owners.
Ever wondered where the butterflies from our urban district comes from? This might be a clue.
Natural sunlight flows through the mall. One doesn't feel claustrophobic at all with all these space.

I have always loved science and it's great that one can read about nature if you only looked around the mall. Besides, the mall has dedicated bins for separating the recyclables from the usual waste. A good initiative that should really be rolled out islandwide.   

Media Tasting

Traditional Sarawak Noodles ($8.90) - Springy homemade noodles with char siew, fried wanton and minced pork. Much like your usual wanton mee but with added minced pork.
Fried Wantan ($4,00) and Bacon Cheese Ball ($5.50)
Caramel 3 Layer Tea ($4.50) - Sweet stuff, my cup of tea really.
Genki Herbal Chicken Soup Pan Mee ($12.90) - Tender chicken with Mee Sua in not too over-powering ginseng soup base. A little oily though.
Multigrain Soybean ($3.50) - This is not your usual soybean milk, but it has some grain bits in it and taste a little malty. Nice healthy drink I would say.
Curry Chicken Pan Mee ($11.90) - Fat yellow noodles with chicken, bean sprouts and baby potatoes. With beencurd sheets and tofu puffs too. 
Happy Louie snacking on fried wantan.
There is a new noodle house at City Square Mall named 面对面 or "Face to Face" in English. It is located at unit #02-23/24 and is its first overseas franchise. The noodle house's offerings would not go wrong, and will probably suit the tastebuds of most, however the pricing may seem to be a little on the high side. Luckily there are having various value combos with drinks and sides that make it really worthwhile!

PUB at City Square Mall

PUB was also at the mall for a one-day exhibition on the day of our visit that showcased a series of beautiful photos contributed by Instagrammers that go by the theme of the four seasons. It showed how they visualized Singapore to be like in the various seasons. And to reward its followers on Instagram and Facebook, followers were also given a sure-win spin to win attractive Water Wally plushies!

Thank you City Square Mall for the invite, we thoroughly enjoyed the mall visit and will be looking forward to more!

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